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        Ningbo Vensee Medical is a leading manufacturer and supplier for medical&Lab products in China. Our Main products are diagnostic products, medical tubes, wound dressing, hospital uniform, first aid kit, Laboratory instruments, hospital equipments and so on.


Our products are sold to many overseas countries and Chinese mainland. We supply clients with OEM or ODM or OBM.


Vensee is qualified as your trusted partner, because we have the following advantages.

◆ Advanced production technology,  excellent production equipments, standardized operation circumstance and strict management system to ensure products quality, lower unqualified rate.


◆ Diversified products to meet different customer’s needs. New products are constantly recommended to  develop customer’s potential market.


◆  Reasonable and competitive prices, the successful occupation of your market.


◆  Passional,  professional, prudential after service, the first time to help you solve various problems.

    We promise our faithfulness. Look forward to your cooperation.